A typical lawn
A lawn sprinkler
A striped lawn

A lawn is an area of land planted with grass, and sometimes clover and other plants. Lawns are cut to a low, even height using a lawnmower. Lawns are used for aesthetic (for their beauty) and recreational purposes. Other words used to describe them are turf, pitch, field or green may be used, depending on the sport and the continent.

The earliest mention of lawns comes from France during the 1500s.[1] Lawns (as opposed to fields) found their way to England in the 1700s.[1] One acre of lawn would take three gardeners all day to mow using a tool called a scythe.[1] Today a garden tractor mower with a 48" cut can mow an acre in less than an hour.[2]

Lawns around the world

In many parts of the United States lawn care is an important part of home maintenance. a poorly kept up lawn can hurt the value of a home.[3] Lawns are central to family activities. Neighborhood cookouts, birthday parties and playing outdoor games are just some of the uses.[3]

World Famous Lawns include:[4]

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