Langenthal, Switzerland

Coat of arms of Langenthal
Coat of arms
Country Switzerland
Canton Berne
District Oberaargau
 •  Executive Gemeinderat
with 7 members
 •  Mayor Stadtpräsident  (list)
Thomas Rufener SVP
(as of March 2014)
 •  Parliament Stadtrat
with 40 members
Area [1]
 • Total 17.26 km2 (6.66 sq mi)
Elevation 481 m (1,578 ft)
Population (Dec 2016 [2])
 • Total 15,501
 • Density 898.09/km2 (2,326.0/sq mi)
Postal code 4900-4902
SFOS number 0329
Surrounded by Aarwangen, Bleienbach, Lotzwil, Obersteckholz, Roggwil, Thunstetten, Untersteckholz
Twin towns Brig (Switzerland), Neviano (Italy)
SFSO statistics

Langenthal is a town in the administrative district of Oberaargau in the canton of Berne in Switzerland.

On 1 January 2010 the former municipalities of Untersteckholz merged into the municipality of Langenthal.

Langenthal is an educational, cultural, and economic center for the region of  Oberaargau.


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