Innuendo (album)

Studio album by Queen
Released5 February 1991
RecordedMarch 1989 – November 1990 at Metropolis Studios, London, and Mountain Studios, Montreux, Switzerland
Hollywood (US)
ProducerQueen and David Richards
Queen chronology
'The Miracle
Innuendo'Made in Heaven
Singles from Innuendo
  1. "Innuendo"
    Released: 14 January 1991
  2. "I'm Going Slightly Mad"
    Released: 4 March 1991
  3. "Headlong"
    Released: 13 May 1991
  4. "I Can't Live with You"
    Released: 1991 (American promo only)
  5. "These Are the Days of Our Lives"
    Released: August 1991 (U.S.)
    9 December 1991 (UK)
  6. "The Show Must Go On"
    Released: 14 October 1991
  7. "Ride the Wild Wind"
    Released: 1992 (Poland only)
  8. "Delilah"
    Released: 14 December 1992 (Thailand only)
Professional ratings
Review scores
Allmusic3/5 stars[1]
Rolling Stone3/5 stars[2]
The Times(unfavourable)[3]

Innuendo is a 1991 album by English rock band Queen. It is the band's fourteenth studio album and the last to be composed entirely of new material. It is also their final studio album to be released while lead singer Freddie Mercury was still alive.

Track listing

  1. Innuendo
  2. I'm Going Slightly Mad
  3. Headlong
  4. I Can't Live With You
  5. Don't Try So Hard
  6. Ride the Wild Wind
  7. All God's People
  8. These Are the Days of Our Lives
  9. Delilah
  10. The Hitman
  11. Bijou
  12. The Show Must Go On
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