Bedjatau, Bedjau, Boethos, Bochus
Stone vase bearing Hotepsekhemwy's serekh, National Archaeological Museum (France).
Pharaoh of Egypt
Reign25-29 years, 2nd Dynasty; starting c. 2890 BC.
Previous pharaohuncertain; Qa'a or Sneferka
Next pharaohRaneb
ChildrenPerneb ?

Hotepsekhemwy was an early Egyptian king, the first ruler of the Second Dynasty. It is not known how long he ruled. The Turin King List has him ruling for 95 years.[4] The Ancient Egyptian historian Manetho reports that the reign of "Boëthôs" lasted for 38 years.[5] Egyptologists now believe Hotepsekhemwy ruled for either 25 or 29 years.[6]

Name sources

Cartouche name of Hotepsekhemwy in the Abydos King List (cartouche no. 9).

Hotepsekhemwy's name has been found at Saqqara, Giza, Badari and Abydos, on clay seal impressions, stone vessels and bone cylinders. Several stone vessel inscriptions mention Hotepsekhemwy along with the name of his successor Raneb.[1][7][8][9]

The Horus name of Hotepsekhemwy may give clues to the politics of the time. The Egyptian word "Hotep" means "peaceful", "to be pleased", and also "conciliation" or "to be reconciled". So Hotepsekhemwy's full name may be read as "the two powers are reconciled" or "pleasing in powers". This suggests a significant political meaning. "The two powers" could be Upper Egypt and Lower Egypt as well as to the major deities Horus and Seth.[1][10][11]

From the reign of Hotepsekhemwy onward it became a tradition to write the Horus name and the nebty name in the same way. The Horus name has a clearly defined, symbolic meaning in its translation. Horus- and nebty names being the same might also show, that the Horus name was used when becoming king.[1]

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