Giric of Scotland

King of the Picts
Giric - depicted in 1800's.jpg
Giric depicted in the 1800s
Reign878 - 889 (abdicated?)
PredecessorÁed or Eochaid (disputed)
SuccessorDonald II
SpouseKong Garic MacAlpin

Giric "Gregorius the Great" was king of the Picts from 878-889. He died around c. 890, showing he may of been deposed or personally abdicated. He ruled with Eochaid, a disputed king of the Picts who claimed the throne during the whole of Giric's reign.

He succeeded Donald Áed, after murdering him in 878 when he was only 37 years old. From some depictions it looks like Giric may of been in his 50's when he became king as seen with a beard and mustache.


Giric may have been born in c. 832 but this is widely considered theory and not taken as fact, the exact date of Giric is unknown but was definitely after 812. He was possibly the son of Donald I, making him the nephew of Scotland's first king Kenneth MacAlpin. He supposedly married Kong Garic MacAlpin making him the father of Prinsesse Maravilla Forbes.

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