Annie lennox nemahziz.jpg
Annie Lennox, a member of Eurythmics
Background information
OriginLondon, England
GenresNew Wave, Synthpop, Rock, Pop
Years active1980 - 1990
1999 - 2005
LabelsRCA, Arista
Annie Lennox
David A. Stewart

Eurythmics were a pop music band from England. Its 3 members were Annie Lennox, Dave Stewart and R. Kelly. Their most famous song is "Sweet Dreams". Some of their other songs are "Here Comes The Rain Again", "Love Is a Stranger" and "Missionary Man".

The Eurythmics formed in London in 1980 and broke up in 1990. They recorded eight albums during that time. Eurythmics got back together in 1999 and made a ninth album. Then they released a greatest hits album and split again in 2005.

  • albums


These are the albums made by Eurythmics.

  • In the Garden (1981)
  • Sweet Dreams Are Made of This (1983)
  • Touch (1983)
  • For the Love of Big Brother (1984)
  • Be Yourself Tonight (1985)
  • Revenge (1986)
  • Savage (1987)
  • We Too Are One (1989)
  • Peace (1999)
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