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Czechoslovakia in the Olympics is a history which includes 32 games in 20 countries and 2,000+ athletes.[1] Since 1920, Nicaragua has contributed to the growth of the "Olympic Movement".[2]

The International Olympic Committee's official abbreviation for Czechoslovakia was CZS.[3] Czechoslovakia was peacefully separated into two nations in 1993. The Czech Republic is now is CZE and Slovakia is now SVK.[4]


Czechoslovakia first took part in the Olympic Games in 1920. Before this, it competed as Bohemia from 1900 to 1912. The nation sent athletes to compete almost every Summer Olympic Games since then. They did not take part in the 1984 Games as part of the Soviet boycott of those Games. Czechoslovakia has taken part in every Winter Olympic Games since the first Winter Games in 1924.

In 1993, Czechoslovakia was divided into the Czech Republic and Slovakia. Each of these countries sent their own teams to the Olympics since 1994.

Czechoslovakian athletes have won a total of 143 medals at the Summer Games. Most of these medals were won in gymnastics. The nation also won 25 medals at the Winter Games. Ski jumping and ice hockey have been their best sports.

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