Coat of arms of Barbados

Coat of arms of Barbados
Coat of arms of Barbados (2).svg
ArmigerElizabeth II, Queen of Barbados
TorseGold and Red
SupportersDolphin fish and Pelican
MottoPride and Industry

The coat of arms of Barbados was started on independence in 1966. Like other former British lands in the Caribbean, the coat of arms has a helmet with a national symbol on top. It has a shield beneath that is supported by two animals.

The national symbol on top of the helmet is the fist of a Barbadian. It is holding two stalks of sugar cane that are crossed to resemble St. Andrew's Cross. This is for the importance of the sugar. Barbados has its national independence day on St. Andrew's Day.

The shield is gold in colour. On it are two of the national flower, and a single bearded fig tree. The shield is supported by a dolphin fish and pelican. They are for the fishing industry and Pelican Island.

At the bottom is Barbados' national motto "Pride and Industry" on a scroll.

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