Citroën Jumpy

The Citroën Jumpy (Citroën Dispatch in some countries) is a series of vans and passenger vans produced by Citroën in three generations since 1994. It is builded in cooperation with Fiat and Peugeot.

Fiat and Peugeot made the same vehicle but with different names, The names were Fiat Scudo and Peugeot Expert.

First generation (1994–2006)

Citroën created the first generation Jumpy in June 1994, In 1995 Citroën renamed their model to "'Dispatch'" in some countries. Peugeot created Peugeot Expert in July 1995.

In March 2004, the model was improved at the front and back, It had a new grille, new bonnet, new bumper and different headlamps.

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