Centwine of Wessex

King of Wessex
Died 686
FatherCynegils, King of Wessex

Centwine ( 685) was King of Wessex from c. 676 to 685. He appears to have been one of several underkings of Wessex after the death of Cenwalh. But at some point he united the kingdom of Wessex under his rule.

King of Wessex

Centwine was the probable son of Cynegils[a] and grandson of Ceolwulf, King of Wessex.[1] According to the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle Centwine became king c. 676.[2] Also that he succeeded Aescwine. Bede wrote that after the death of King Cenwalh: "his under-rulers took upon them the kingdom of the people, and dividing it among themselves, held it ten years".[3] Bede's view of Aescwine and Centwine as underkings may represent the views of King Ine. His family ruled Wessex in Bede's time.[4] If the kingdom did fragment following Cenwalh's death, it was reunited during Centwine's reign.[5] An entry under 682 in the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle records that "Centwine drove the Britons to the sea".[6] Aldhelm wrote Centwine won three major victories but does not say who he defeated.[7] Centwine is reported to have abdicated and became a monk.[8] The date of his death is unknown.

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