Capraia, is an island of Italy, part of the Tuscan Archipelago, off the northwest coast, belonging to the Province of Livorno. It is 62 km from the city of Livorno by sea, and 32 km northwest of the island of Elba. It is of volcanic origin, has an area of 19 km² and its highest point is 466 m above sea level. As of 31 December 2004, the comune (municipality) of Capraia Isola had a population of 366

The island produces wine, and is a centre of the anchovy fishery. It became Genoese in 1527 and was strongly fortified. In 1796 it was occupied for a short time by Horatio Nelson. Part of the island was formerly occupied by an agricultural penal colony, but it was shut down in 1986. Most of the island has been made into a national park. About 40 km to the north is the island of Gorgona, which is also famous for its anchovies.

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