Capacity is the ability to hold something, very similar to volume.

Capacity may also mean:

  • Capacity in economics, how much a company or a government uses its potential output
  • Capacitythe legal ability to do certain things, such as making a contract
  • Capacity of a set, in mathematics, one way of measuring a set's size
  • Battery capacity, a measure of a battery's ability to store electrical charge
  • Carrying capacity, in biology, the ability of an environment to sustain populations
  • Channel capacity, in communications
  • Combining capacity, in chemistry, number of chemical bonds formed by the atoms of a given element
  • Heat capacity, in physics, the measure of how materials store heat as they change temperature
  • Nameplate capacity, in power plants, the general number of Megawatts technically available
  • Seating capacity, how many people can fit into in a sports venue
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