Brazilian general election, 2018

Second round results
First round results

General elections were held in Brazil on 7 October 2018 to elect the President and Vice President and other political figures in the nation.

The first round of the presidential election was held on 7 October 2018. Jair Bolsonaro won 46% of the vote with Fernando Haddad winning 29.3%. Since no candidate won more than 50% of the vote, a second round was held on 28 October 2018 with Bolsonaro being elected President.


The 2014 elections Dilma Rousseff re-elected as President in the second round with 51.6% of the vote.[1]

However, on 3 December 2015, impeachment process against Rousseff were officially accepted by the Chamber of Deputies.[2] Vice President Michel Temer, of the Brazilian Democratic Movement Party, became Acting President of Brazil.[3][4] On 31 August 2016, the Senate voted 61–20 in favor of impeachment, finding Rousseff guilty of breaking budgetary laws and removing her from office.[5][6] Vice President Temer replaced Rousseff as the 37th President of Brazil.

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