Introduced Theba pisana snails aestivating on a row of fence posts in Kadina, South Australia

Aestivation,[1] also spelled estivation in the USA, is a state of animal dormancy.

It is somewhat similar to hibernation. The animals are inactive and have a lowered metabolic rate. The state is entered in response to high temperatures and dry conditions. Lungfish have been doing this since the Devonian period.[2] It takes place during times of heat and dryness, the hot dry season, which is often but not necessarily the summer months. A wide range of animals aestivate, including the Nile crocodile and many snails and lady beetles.[3][4]

Invertebrate and vertebrate animals are known to enter this state to avoid damage from high temperatures and the risk of drying out. Both land- and water-living animals can undergo aestivation.

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