A Game of Thrones

A Game of Thrones
AuthorGeorge R. R. Martin
Audio read byRoy Dotrice
Cover artistTom Hallman
CountryUnited States
SeriesA Song of Ice and Fire
GenrePolitical novel, epic fantasy
PublishedAugust 1, 1996[1]
PublisherBantam Spectra (US)
Voyager Books (UK)
AwardsLocus Award for Best Fantasy Novel (1997)
ISBN0-553-10354-7 (US hardback)
ISBN 0-00-224584-1 (UK hardback)
Dewey Decimal
PS3563.A7239 G36 1996
Followed byA Clash of Kings 

A Game of Thrones is the first of seven planned books in A Song of Ice and Fire, a fantasy series by American author George R. R. Martin. It was released on 6 August 1996. The book was put up for the 1998 Nebula Award and the 1997 World Fantasy Award, and won the 1997 Locus Award. The first season of the HBO TV series Game of Thrones is based on the book.


The chapters are titled by the name of the person you will read about through their perspective. These are listed in no order and the Prologue is not included for it is not part of the main chapters: Eddard (Stark), Catelyn (Stark), Arya (Stark), Bran (Stark), Jon (Snow), Tyrion (Lannister), Daenerys (Targaryen),

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