A-side and B-side

A-side and B-side are words used in music. They used to mean the two different side of 7 inch vinyl records. Singles were released on these from the 1950s. The words now mean the types of song that are usually placed on each side of the record. The A-side is normally the featured song. This is the one that the record producer hopes will receive radio airplay and become a "hit". The B-side, or flipside, is a secondary song that often does not appear on the artist's LP.

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Ελληνικά: A-side και B-side
español: Lado A y lado B
français: Face (disque)
Bahasa Indonesia: Sisi-A dan sisi-B
italiano: Lato A e lato B
Bahasa Melayu: Sisi A dan sisi B
日本語: A面/B面
norsk nynorsk: A- og B-side
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Tiếng Việt: Mặt A và mặt B
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