Winchester 13.JPG
Winchester ceety centre frae St Giles's Hill
Winchester is locatit in Hampshire
Winchester shawn within Hampshire
Population44,714 [1]
OS grid referenceSU485295
• London68 miles (109 km)
  • Winchester
Shire coonty
Sovereign stateUnitit Kinrick
Postcode destrictSO22, SO23
Diallin code01962
AmbulanceSooth Central
EU PairlamentSooth East Ingland
UK Pairlament
  • Winchester
List of places
51°03′48″N 1°18′29″W / 51°03′48″N 1°18′29″W / 51.0632; -1.308

Winchester (archaically kent as Winton an Wintonceastre) is a historic cathedral ceety an the auncient caipital o Wessex an the Kinrick o Ingland. It is the coonty toun o Hampshire, in Sooth East Ingland. It lies at the hert o the wider Ceety o Winchester, a local govrenment destrict, an is locatit at the wastren end o the Sooth Douns, alang the course o the River Itchen.[2] At the time o the 2001 Census, Winchester haed a population o 41,420.[3]

Winchester developed frae the Roman toun o Venta Belgarum. Winchester's major landmark is Winchester Cathedral, ane o the lairgest cathedrals in Ingland, wi the distinction o haein the langest nave an owera length o aw Gothic cathedrals in Europe. The toun is an aa hame tae Winchester University an Winchester College - famous Public School. Winchester railway station is served bi trains runnin frae Lunnon Waterloo, Weymouth, Portsmouth, Soothampton an the North. The ceety's architectural an historic interest, an its fast links tae ither touns an ceeties hae led Winchester tae become ane o the maist expensive an desirable auries o the kintra.[4] A body who is frae or resides in Winchester is locally kent as a Wintonian.


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