Wilmington, Delaware

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Wilmington, Delaware
Wilmington Delaware skyline.jpg
Dountoun Wilmington an the Christina River
Name oreegin: named efter Spencer Compton, Earl o Wilmington
Motto: In the middle of it all[1]
Nickname: Corporate Caipital o the Warld
Chemical Caipital o the Warld
KintraUnitit States
CoontyNew Castle
Elevation92 ft (28.0 m)
Coordinates39°44′45″N 75°32′48″W / 39°44′45″N 75°32′48″W / 39.74583; -75.54667
Area17.0 sq mi (44.0 km2)
 - land10.9 sq mi (28 km2)
 - water6.2 sq mi (16 km2), 36.47%
Population71,525 (US: 464t) (2013)
FoonditMarch 1638
 - Incorporatit1731
 - Borough Charter1739
 - Ceety CharterMarch 7, 1832
MayorDennis P. Williams (D)
TimezoneEST (UTC−5)
 - summer (DST)EDT (UTC−4)
ZIP codes19801-19810, 19850, 19880, 19884-19886, 19890-19899
Area code302
AirportWilmington Airport (ILG)
New Castle County Delaware incorporated and unincorporated areas Wilmington highlighted.svg
Location in New Castle Coonty an the state o Delaware.
Delaware in United States (US48).svg
Location o Delaware in the Unitit States
Website: ci.wilmington.de.us

Wilmington is a ceety o the U.S. state o Delaware an the coonty seat o New Castle Coonty. Wi a population o 70,851 at the 2010 census, it is the maist populous ceety in the state.

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