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Willard S. Boyle
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Born19 August 1924(1924-08-19)
Amherst, Nova Scotia
Died7 Mey 2011(2011-05-07) (aged 86)
Wallace, Nova Scotia [1]
CitizenshipCanadae an Unitit States[2]
Alma materMcGill Varsity
Lower Canada College
Kent forChairge-coupled device[3]
AwairdsStuart Ballantine Medal (1973)
IEEE Morris N. Liebmann Memorial Awaird (1974)
Draper Prize (2006)
Nobel Prize in Pheesics (2009)
Scientific career
FieldsApplee'd pheesics
InstitutionsBell Labs

Willard Sterling Boyle, CC (August 19, 1924 – Mey 7, 2011) wis a Canadian pheesicist,[4] pioneer in the field o laser technology an co-inventor o the chairge-coupled device.[5] On October 6, 2009, it wis announced that he would share the 2009 Nobel Prize in Pheesics for "the invention o an eemagin semiconductor circuit—the CCD sensor, which haes acome an electronic ee in awmaist aw auries o photografie".[2]

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