Venustiano Carranza, Mexico Ceety

Venustiano Carranza
Venustiano Carranza athin the Federal Destrict
Venustiano Carranza athin the Federal Destrict
Federal entityD.F.
Named forVenustiano Carranza
SeatColonia Jardín Balbuena
 • Jefe delegacionalAlejandro Piña Medina (PRD)
 • Total (12.90 sq mi)
 • Tot430,978
 • Density13,000/km2 (33,000/sq mi)
Time zoneCentral Staundart Time (UTC-6)
 • Simmer (DST)Central Daylicht Time (UTC-5)
Postal codes15000 – 15990

Venustiano Carranza is ane o the 16 delegaciones (burghs) o Mexico Ceety. The burgh wis shapit in 1970 whan the centre o Mexico Ceety wis subdividit intae fower burghs. Venustiano Carranza extends frae the far eastren portion o the historic centre o Mexico Ceety eastwaird tae the Peñón de los Baños an the mairch dividin the Federal Destrict frae the State o Mexico. Historically, maist o the territory wis unner Loch Texcoco, but ower the colonial period intae the 20t hunderyear, the loch dree'd up an the day the aurie is completely urbanisit. The burgh is hame tae three o Mexico Ceety’s major tradeetional mercats, includin La Merced, the Naitional Airchives o Mexico, the Palacio Legislativo de San Lázaro, the TAPO intercity bus terminal an the Mexico Ceety Internaitional Airport.

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