Theodore William Richards

Nobel prize medal.svg Theodore William Richards
Richards Theodore William lab.jpg
Born Januar 31, 1868(1868-01-31)
Germantown, Pennsylvanie
Died Aprile 2, 1928(1928-04-02) (aged 60)
Cambridge, Massachusetts
Naitionality Unitit States
Fields Pheesical chemistry
Institutions Harvard Varsity
Alma mater Haverford College
Harvard Varsity
Doctoral advisor Josiah Parsons Cooke
Doctoral students Gilbert N. Lewis
Farrington Daniels
Malcolm Dole
Charles Phelps Smyth
Kent for Atomic wechts
Notable awairds Davy Medal (1910)
Willard Gibbs Awaird (1912)
Nobel Prize for Chemistry (1914)
Franklin Medal (1916)

Theodore William Richards (Januar 31, 1868 – Aprile 2, 1928) wis the first American scientist tae receive the Nobel Prize in Chemistry, earnin the awaird "in recogneetion o his exact determinations o the atomic wechts o a lairge nummer o the chemical elements." [1]

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