Kintra   Argentinae
Province Bandera Buenos Aires.svg Buenos Aires
Partido Lomas de Zamora
Foondit 1870
Elevation 20 m (70 ft)
Population (2001 census [ INDEC])
 • Tot 111,160
 • Density 6,991/km2 (18,110/sq mi)
CPA Base B 1834
Aurie code(s) + 54 11

Temperley is a ceety in the province o Buenos Aires, Argentina, locatit in the sooth o Lomas de Zamora Partido. It forms pairt o the Greater Buenos Aires metro aurie.


In 1854 the industrial an textile merchant George Temperley (born in 1823 in Newcastle upon Tyne, Ingland) bocht frae the Marenco brithers 51 hectares atween the present streets o Dorrego, Almirante Brown, Eva Perón an Lavalle, an built a kintra hoose thare. On 16 October 1870, Temperley set aside laund frae his extensive property for the establishment o a commonty, an pairticipatit in the biggin o baith the oreeginal Lomas de Zamora Ceety Haw an the Temperley railwey station, ane o the lairgest in Greater Buenos Aires.

In 1965 the toun o Temperley wis grantit Ceety status bi the Provincial Legislatur.

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