Spaingie Ceevil War

Spaingie Ceevil War
Pairt o the Interwar period
Испанская 11 интербригада в бою под Бельчите. 1937-edit.jpg
Members o the XI Internaitional Brigade o the Republican Internaitional Brigades at the Battle o Belchite ride on a T-26 tank
Date17 Julie 1936 – 1 April 1939
(2 years, 8 months, 2 weeks and 1 day)

Naitionalist victory

  • End o the Seicont Spaingie Republic
  • Establishment o Francoist Spain
Seicont Spaingie Republic Republicans
  • Popular Front
  • UGT
  • Generalitat of Catalonia
  • Basque Kintra (autonomous commonty) EG (1936–37)
  • PG
  • Internaitional Brigades
  • Foreign volunteers

Supportit bi

Spain Naitionalists
  • Falange (frae 1937)
  • Carlists (1936–37)
  • CEDA (1936–37)
  • Alfonsists (1936–37)

Supported by

Commanders an leaders
Republican leaders
  • Seicont Spaingie Republic Manuel Azaña
  • Seicont Spaingie Republic Julián Besteiro
  • Seicont Spaingie Republic Francisco Largo Caballero
  • Seicont Spaingie Republic Juan Negrín
  • Seicont Spaingie Republic Indalecio Prieto
  • Seicont Spaingie Republic Vicente Rojo Lluch
  • Seicont Spaingie Republic José Miaja
  • Seicont Spaingie Republic Juan Modesto
  • Seicont Spaingie Republic Juan Hernández Saravia
  • Seicont Spaingie Republic Carlos Romero Giménez
  • Seicont Spaingie Republic Buenaventura Durruti 
  • Seicont Spaingie Republic Lluís Companys
  • Seicont Spaingie RepublicBasque Kintra (autonomous commonty) José Antonio Aguirre
Nationalist leaders
  • Spain José Sanjurjo 
  • Spain Emilio Mola 
  • Spain Francisco Franco
  • Spain Gonzalo Queipo de Llano
  • Spain Juan Yagüe
  • Spain Miguel Cabanellas 
  • Spain Manuel Goded Llopis 
  • Spain Manuel Hedilla
  • Spain Manuel Fal Condé
  • Spain Mohamed Meziane
1938 strenth:[1]
  • 450,000 infantry
  • 350 aircraft
  • 200 tanks
1938 strenth:[2]
  • 600,000 infantry
  • 600 aircraft
  • 290 tanks
Casualties an losses

The Spaingie Ceevil War (Spaingie: Guerra Civil Española),[nb 2] widely kent in Spain simply as The Ceevil War (Spaingie: Guerra Civil) or The War (Spaingie: La Guerra), teuk place frae 1936 tae 1939 an wis focht atween the Republicans, wha war leal tae the democratic, left-leanin Seicont Spanish Republic, an the Naitionalists, a falangist group led bi General Francisco Franco. Awtho eften portrayed as a struggle atween democracy an fascism, some historians consider it mair accurately describit as a struggle atween leftist revolution an richtist coonterrevolution.[5] Ultimately, the Naitionalists wan, an Franco then ruled Spain for the next 36 years, frae Aprile 1939 till his daith in November 1975.


  1. The nummer o casualties is disputit; estimates generally suggest that atween 500,000 an 1 million fowk war killed. Ower the years, historians kept lawerin the daith figurs an modren research concludes that 500,000 daiths is the correct figur. Thomas Barria-Norton, The Spanish Civil War (2001), pp. xviii & 899–901, inclusive.
  2. An aa kent as The Crusade (Spaingie: La Cruzada) amang Naitionalists, the Fowert Carlist War (Spaingie: Cuarta Guerra Carlista) amang Carlists, an The Rebellion (Spaingie: La Rebelión) or Uprising (Spaingie: Sublevación) amang Republicans.
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