Maria Teresa o Spain (1726-1746)

María Teresa o Spain
The Infanta María Teresa Rafaela of Spain, future Dauphine of France by Louis Michel Van Loo.jpg
Maria Teresa o Spain, future Dauphine o Fraunce [1]
Dauphine o Fraunce
Tenure 23 Februar 1745 – 22 Julie 1746
Born 11 Juin 1726
Ryal Alcazar, Madrid, Spain
Dee'd 22 Julie 1746 (aged 20)
Versailles, Fraunce
Buirial 6 August 1746
Ryal Basilica, Saint Denis, Fraunce
Spouse Louis, Dauphin o Fraunce
Issue Marie Thérèse, "Madame Royale"
Full name
María Teresa Antonia Rafaela de Borbón y Farnesio
Hoose Bourbon o Spain (bi birth)
Bourbons o Fraunce (bi mairiage)
Faither Philip V o Spain
Mither Elisabeth Farnese
Seegnatur María Teresa o Spain's signature

Maria Teresa o Spain (María Teresa Antonia Rafaela; 11 Juin 1726 – 22 Julie 1746) wis an Infanta o Spain bi birth an was later the wife o Louis Ferdinand o Fraunce, Dauphin o Fraunce, son o Keeng Louis XV. She died during childbirth aged 20, She gave birth to a daughter who died aged two, leaving the Dauphine with no descendants. She used the names "Marie Thérèse".


On 23 Februar 1745 the Infanta Maria Teresa mairit Louis Ferdinand o Fraunce, Dauphin o Fraunce, the only surviving son an hier o Keeng Louis XV o Fraunce. They were mairit in the Ryal Chapel o the Palace o Versailles with the French ryl court in attendance.

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