Lunnon Heathrow Airport

Lunnon Heathrow Airport
Heathrow T5.jpg
Heathrow Terminal 5 biggin
Airport teep Public
Awner Heathrow Airport Holdins
Operator Heathrow Airport Leemitit
Location Hillingdon, Lunnon, Unitit Kinrick
Hub for
  • Breetish Airways
Focus ceety for
  • Air Canadae
Elevation  AMSL 83 ft / 25 m
Coordinates 51°28′39″N 000°27′41″W / 51°28′39″N 000°27′41″W / 51.47750; -0.46139
LHR/EGLL is locatit in Greater Lunnon
Location within Greater Lunnon
Direction Lenth Surface
m ft
09L/27R 3,901 12,799 grooved asphalt
09R/27L 3,660 12,008 grooved asphalt
Statistics (2016)
Passengers 75,711,130
Passenger chynge 15-16 Increase1.0%
Aircraft muivements 474,963
Muivements chynge 15-16 Increase0.2%
Sources: UK AIP at NATS an EUROCONTROL [1]
Statistics frae the UK Ceevil Aviation Authority [2]

Lunnon Heathrow Airport or Heathrow [nb 1] ( IATA: LHRICAO: EGLL) is a major internaitional airport servin Lunnon, Ingland, Unitit Kinrick. Locatit in the Lunnon Borough o Hillingdon, in West London, Heathrow is the busiest airport in the Unitit Kinrick an the third busiest airport in the warld (as o 2012) in terms o tot passenger traffic, haundlin mair internaitional passengers than ony ither airport aroond the globe. [4] It is an aa the busiest airport in Europe bi passenger traffic an the third busiest bi traffic movements, wi a figur surpassed anly bi Paris-Charles de Gaulle Airport an Frankfurt Airport. [5] Heathrow is Lunnon's main airport, havin replaced RAF Northolt an the earlier an better-kent Croydon Airport, an thegither wi Gatwick, Southend, Stansted, Luton an Lunnon Ceety, Lunnon is the busiest ceety airport seestem in the warld bi passenger traffic (wi 133,666,888 passengers travellin through the sax airports); an seicond anly tae New York Ceety in terms o traffic movements. The airport sustains 76,600 jobs directly an aroond 116,000 indirectly in the immediate aurie, [6] an this, thegither wi the lairge nummer o global corporations wi offices close tae the airport, maks Heathrow a modern aerotropolis which contributes an estimatit 2.7% tae Lunnon's tot GVA.

The airport is awned an operatit bi Heathrow Airport Hauldins, which an aa awns an operates three ither UK airports, [7] an is itself awned bi FGP TopCo Leemitit, an internaitional consortium, which includes Caisse de dépôt et placement du Québec an GIC Special Investments, that is led bi the Spainyie Ferrovial Group. [8] Heathrow is the primary hub for Breetish Airways an the primary operatin base for Virgin Atlantic.

Heathrow lies 12 nautical miles (22 km; 14 mi) wast [1] o Central Lunnon, an haes twa parallel east–wast runways alang wi fower operational terminals on a steid that covers 12.14 square kilometres (4.69 sq mi). Terminal 5 wis offeecially dedicatit bi Queen Elizabeth II on 14 Mairch 2008 an opened tae passengers on 27 Mairch 2008. Construction o a new Terminal 2 complex tae replace the auld terminal biggin an adjacent Queen's Biggin began in 2009 wi the first phase expectit tae open in 2014. [9] Terminals 3 an 4 unnerwent major refurbishments atween 2007 an 2009. In November 2007, a consultation process began for the biggin o a new third runway an a saxt terminal, which wis controversially [10] approved on 15 Januar 2009 bi UK Govrenment meenisters. [11] The project wis subsequently cancelled on 12 Mey 2010 bi the Cameron Govrenment. [12]

The airport haulds a Ceevil Aviation Authority Public Uise Aerodrome Licence (Nummer P527), which allows flichts for public transportation o passengers or for flyin instruction. [13]


  1. Pronounced / or /. [3]
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