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Deutsche Lufthansa AG
Lufthansa Logo.svg
Foondit1953[note 1]
Commenced operations1955
Hubs[note 2]
Frequent-fleer programMiles & More
AllianceStar Alliance
Fleet size281
Company slogan'Nonstop you'
Parent companyPrivate Investors (88.52%)
HeidquartersCologne, Germany
Key fowkCarsten Spohr (Chairman & CEO)[5]
RevenueIncrease 32.056 billion (2015)[6]
Operatin incomeIncrease €1.676 billion (2015)[6]
Net incomeIncrease €1.698 billion (2015)[6]
Tot assetsIncrease €32.462 billion (2015)[6]
Tot equityIncrease €5.845 billion (2015)[6]
Employees120,262 (2015)[6]

Deutsche Lufthansa AG (LHA, DLAKY) (German pronunciation: [ˈdɔʏt͡ʃə ˈlʊfthanza]), commonly kent as Lufthansa, is a German airline an the lairgest airline in Europe an aw, baith in terms o oweraw passengers carriet an fleet size.[7] It operates services tae 18 domestic destinations an 197 internaitional destinations in 78 kintras athort Africae, the Americas, Asie, an Europe,[8] uisin a fleet o mair nor 280 aircraft.

Besides the actual airline namit Lufthansa, Deutsche Lufthansa AG is the parent company for several ither airlines an further aviation-relatit branches an aw, amang the maist well-kent are Swiss International Air Lines an Lufthansa Technik. Wi ower 620 aircraft, it haes ane o the lairgest passenger airline fleets in the world when combined wi its subsidiaries.[9] In 2012, the entire Lufthansa Group carried ower 103 million passengers.[10]

Lufthansa's registered office an corporate heidquairters are in Cologne. The main operations base, cried Lufthansa Aviation Center (LAC), is locatit at Lufthansa's primar traffec hub at Frankfurt Airport.[11][12][13] The majority o Lufthansa's pilots, grund staff, an flight attendants are based thare.[14] Lufthansa's seicontar hub is Munich Airport wi a third, considerably smawer ane maintained at Düsseldorf Airport which transfers tae Germanwings sae Lufthansa anerly operate juist aroond 10 destinations excludit saisonal which aw haes been transferred tae Germanwings

Lufthansa is a foondin member o Star Alliance an aw, the warld's lairgest airline alliance, formit in 1997.


  1. The company that the day is kent as Deutsche Lufthansa AG wis foondit as Aktiengesellschaft für Luftverkehrsbedarf (Luftag) on 6 Januar 1953.[1] It sees itsel in the tradeetion o Deutsche Lufthansa, the umwhile German naitional airline that wis foondit in 1926 an liquidatit in 1951, whose name an logo it acquired in 1954.[2] Therefore, Lufthansa frequently gies "1926" as its foondin date, tho frae the legal point o view, it is no the assignee o the earlier airline.[3]
  2. Lufthansa coonts Vienna Internaitional Airport an Zurich Airport as its hubs an aw.[4] They are no leetit here acause they are hame for Lufthansa's subsidiaries Austrian Airlines an Swiss International Air Lines, respectively. For the same raison, Germanwings bases are omittit.
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