Leet o kintras bi population

A cairt o warld population.)

This is a leet o independent kintras an inhabitit dependent territories—based on the ISO staundart ISO 3166-1—bi population. An aa gien in percent is each kintra's population compared tae the population o the warld, which accordin tae the Unitit States Census Bureau population clock is estimatit at 7.104 billion.[1]

Accordin tae a separate estimate bi the Unitit Nations, warld population exceedit 7 billion in October 2011.[2][3][4] Auries that form integral pairts o sovereign states, sic as the kintras o the Unitit Kinrick, are coontit as pairt o the sovereign states concerned. Nae included are ither entities, sic as the European Union,[5] that are nae sovereign states, an dependent territories that dae nae hae permanent populations, sic as various kintras' claims tae Antarctica.n1

Figures uised in this chart are based on the maist up tae date estimate or projections[6] bi the naitional census authority whaur available, an are uisually roondit aff. Whaur updatit naitional data are nae available, figurs are based on the 2013 estimates bi the Population Diveesion o the Unitit Naitions Depairtment o Economic an Social Affairs.[7] Acause the compiled figurs are nae collectit at the same time in every kintra, or at the same level o accuracy, the resultin numerical comparisons mey creaut misleadin conclusions. Furthermair, the addeetion o figures frae aw kintras mey nae equal the warld tot.

For a graphical version o this leet, see leet o kintras bi population (graphical). See an aa Leet o sovereign states an dependent territories bi population density an the leet o regional organisations bi population.

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