Leeberal Pairty o Australie

This airticle is aboot the modren Australien poleetical pairty. For the Australien Leeberal pairty active frae 1909 tae 1916, see Commonweel Leeberal Pairty.
Leeberal Pairty o Australie
Leader Tony Abbott MP
Depute Leader Julie Bishop MP
Ideology Conservative leeberalism,
Leeberal conservatism,
New Right
Poleetical poseetion Centre-right
Internaitional affiliation Internaitional Democrat Union
Colours Blue
Hoose o Reprasentatives
44 / 150
32 / 76

The Leeberal Pairty o Australie is an Australie poleetical pairty.

Foondit yin year efter the 1943 federal election tae replace the Unitit Australie Pairty, the centre-right Leeberal Pairty maistly competes wi the centre-left Australien Labor Pairty fir poleetical office. When in govrenment federally hit tradeetionally govrens in a coalition wi the Naitional Pairty.

Federal politics, the Leeberal Pairty is in opposition syne losing the 2007 federal election, haein held pouer syne the 1996 election. The state an territory level, the Leeberals hold govrenment in yin jurisdiction, a minority govrenment in Wastren Australie.

Syne the Leeberal Pairty o Australie leadership election o 2009, the federal leader o the pairty hae been Tony Abbott, an Julie Bishop wis electit depute.

Philosophies an Factionalism

Modren Leeberalism in Australie is muckle reprasentit bi the Leeberal Pairty o Australie, wham ar generally an advocate o economic leeberalism (see New Right). Houaniver, during Leeberal govrenments afore the Howard Govrenment, the pairty wis quite interventionist in hits economic policy an maintainit Australie's hie tariffs. At that time, the Leeberals' coalition pairtner, the Kintra Pairty, the aulder o the twa in the coalition (kent as "Naitional Pairty" the nou), had conseederable influence oer the Govrenment's economic policies.

The Leeberal Party is kent as a conservative party the nou, awtho hit has aye had a social leeberal weeng. Recently, in the Prime Meenistership o John Howard, the pairty moved til a maire socially conservative policy agenda. The pairty has twa unorganised factions, the majority conservative right an the minority moderate left. Historically, moderates hae creatit thair ain pairties, fir ensaumple the Australien Democrats.

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