Kite (geometry)

A kite shawin its sides equal in length an its inscribed circle.
Edges an vertices4
Symmetry group (*)

In Euclidean geometry, a kite is a quadrilateral whose fower sides can be grouped intae twa pairs o equal-length sides that are adjacent tae each ither. In contrast, a parallelogram an aa haes twa pairs o equal-length sides, but thay are opposite each ither rather nor adjacent. Kite quadrilaterals are named for the wind-blown, flyin kites, which eften hae this shape an which are in turn named for a bird. Kites are an aa kent as deltoids, but the wird "deltoid" mey an aa refer tae a deltoid curve, an unrelatit geometric object.

A kite, as defined abuin, mey be either convex or concave, but the wird "kite" is eften restrictit tae the convex variety. A concave kite is sometimes cried a "dart" or "arrowhead", an is a type o pseudotriangle.

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