Kinrick o Scotland

For ither uises, see the historical Kinrick o Scotland (843-1707), the modren kintra, and Scotland.
Kinrick o Scotland
Rìoghachd na h-Alba  ( Gaelic)
Personal union wi the Kinrick o Ingland
(1603–49 / 1660–1707)




Ninth century–1707
Banner Ryal Coat o airms
In My Defens God Me Defend (eften shown abbreviatit as IN DEFENS)
Location o the Kinrick o Scotland in Europe.
Caipital Scuin (before c.1070) Dunfermline (c.1070-c. 1440)
Edinburgh (after 1452)
Leids Scots, Scots Gaelic, French, Inglis, Norn
Government Monarchy
 -  843–58 Kenneth I (first)
 -  1306–29 Robert I
 -  1702–07 Anne (last)
Legislatur Scots Pairlament
 -  Unitit Ninth century (tradeetionally 843 AD)
 -  Lothian an Strathclyde incorporatit 1124 (confirmed Treaty o York, 1237)
 -  Gallowa incorporatit 1234/5
 -  Hebrides, Isle o Man an Caithness incorporatit 1266 ( Treaty o Pairth)
 -  Orkney an Shetland annexed 1472
 -  Union o the Crowns 1603
 -  Union wi Ingland 1 Mey 1707
 -  1500 est. 500,000 
 -  1600 est. 800,000 
 -  1700 est. 1,000,000 
Siller Poond Scots (Pund)
The day pairt o   Unitit Kinrick
(  Scotland)
^ The Pictish an [2] French wis widely spoken in Scotland at the heicht o the [3] Inglish began tae hae increased influence in Scotland frae the mid-16t century.
Flag of Scotland.svg
Ryal coat o airms o the Kinrick o Scotland

The Kinrick o Scotland ( Gaelic: Rìoghachd na h-Alba) wis a state in nor'wast Europe that existit frae 843 till 1707. It occupee'd the northren third o the island o Great Breetain an shared a laundmairch tae the sooth wi the Kinrick o Ingland, that the Kinrick o Scotland jyned wi for tae mak a unifee'd Kinrick o Great Breetain, unner the terms o the Treaty o Union, in 1707.

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