Inglis Ceevil War

Inglis Ceevil War
Pairt o the Wars o the Three Kinricks
"Battle o Naseby" bi an unkent airtist
The victory of the Parliamentarian New Model Airmy ower the Ryalist Airmy at the Battle o Naseby on 14 Juin 1645 merked the decisive turnin pynt in the Inglis Ceevil War.
Date22 August 1642 – 3 September 1651
LocationKinrick o Ingland

Pairlamentarian victory

Commanders an leaders
Casualties an losses
127,000 noncombat daiths (includin some 40,000 ceevilians)[2]

The Inglis Ceevil War (1642–1651) wis a series o airmed conflicts an poleetical machinations atween Pairlamentarians ("Roondheids") an Ryalists ("Cavaliers") in the Kinrick o Ingland ower, principally, the manner o its government.

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