Imbabura Province

Province o Imbabura
Mount Imbabura frae sooth-east.
Mount Imbabura frae sooth-east.
Banner o Imbabura
Imbabura Province in Ecuador
Imbabura Province in Ecuador
Cantons o Imbabura Province
Cantons o Imbabura Province
Kintra Ecuador
 • Provincial PrefectGustavo Pareja (PRIAN)
 • Total4,616 km2 (1,782 sq mi)
Population (2010)[1]
 • Tot400,359
 • Density87/km2 (220/sq mi)
 • Population 2001350,946
Time zoneECT

Imbabura is a province in Ecuador. The caipital is Ibarra. The fowk o the province speak Spainyie an the Imbaburan Quechua leid.

Imbabura Volcano is locatit in the province. Best reached frae the toun o La Esperanza, the 4,609-meter-heich muntain can be climbit in a single day.


The province is dividit intae sax cantons. The follaein table leets each wi its population as o the 2001 census, its aurie in square kilometres (km²), and the name of the cantonal seat or capital.[2]

Canton Pop. (2001) Aurie (km²) Seat/Caipital
Antonio Ante 36,053 81 Atuntaqui
Cotacachi 37,215 1,726 Cotacachi
Ibarra 153,256 1,093 Ibarra
Otavalo 90,188 500 Otavalo
Pimampiro 12,951 437 Pimampiro
San Miguel de Urcuquí 14,381 779 Urcuquí
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