Himno Nacional Mexicano

Himno Nacional Mexicano
Scots: Mexican Naitional Anthem

Naitional anthem o
Unitit Mexican States

An aw kent as"Mexicanos, al grito de guerra"
Scots: "Mexicans, at the cry of war"
LeericsFrancisco González Bocanegra, 1853
MuisicJaime Nunó, 1854

Audio saumple
"Mexican National Anthem" (instrumental)

The "Mexican Naitional Anthem" (Spaingie: Himno Nacional Mexicano), kent as "Mexicans, at the cry o war" (Spaingie: Mexicanos, al grito de guerra) an aw, is the naitional anthem o the Unitit Mexican States. The anthem first stairtit bein uised in 1854, awtho it wis no offeecially adopted de jure till 1943. The leerics o the naitional anthem, which allude tae historical Mexican militar victories in the heat o battle an includin cries o defendin the hameland, wur componit bi poet Francisco González Bocanegra efter a Federal contest in 1853. Later in 1854 he askit, Jaime Nunó tae compone the muisic which nou accompanies González's poem. The anthem, consistin o ten stanzas an a chorus, effectively entered intae uise on 16 September 1854.


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