Greater Buenos Aires

No tae be ramfeeselt wi the autonomous ceety o Buenos Aires, the core ceety o Greater Buenos Aires.
Gran Buenos Aires
Greater Buenos Aires


CeetiesLeet o ceeties in Greater Buenos Aires
 • Metro3,830 km2 (1,480 sq mi)
Population (INDEC 2010 Census[1])12,801,365 (24 partidos, plus Federal Destrict)
 • Metro13,641,973 (includin partidos no yet conurbatit)
 • Metro density3,342.39/km2 (8,656.8/sq mi)

Greater Buenos Aires (Spaingie: Gran Buenos Aires; GBA) is the urban agglomeration comprisin the autonomous ceety o Buenos Aires an the adjacent 24 partidos (municipalities) ower the Province o Buenos Aires. Thus, it does no constitute a single admeenistrative unit. The conurbation spreads sooth, wast an north o Buenos Aires ceety. Tae the east, the River Plate serves as a natural boondar.

Urban sprawl, especially atween 1945 an 1980, creatit a vast conurbation o 9,910,282 inhabitants in the 24 conurbated partidos, as of 2010, an a total o 12,801,365 includin the Ceety o Buenos Aires, a third o the total population o Argentinae.

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