Gas constant

Values o R
(V P T −1n−1)
8.3144621(75)×10−7 JK−1mol−1
8314.4598(48) JK−1 kmol−1
8.3144621(75)×10−7×107 erg K−1 mol−1
8.3144621(75)×10−7×103 amu (km/s)2 K−1
8.3144621(75)×10−7 L kPa K−1 mol−1
8.3144621(75)×10−7×103 kPa K−1 mol−1
8.3144621(75)×10−7 m3Pa K−1 mol−1
8.3144621(75)×10−7   MPa K−1 mol−1
8.3144621(75)×10−7×105 m3  bar K−1 mol−1
8.3144621(75)×10−7×102 L bar K−1 mol−1
62.363577(36) L  Torr K−1 mol−1
1.9872036(11) calth K−1 mol−1
0.082057338(47) L atm K−1 mol−1
82.057338(47)   atm K−1 mol−1
10.7315734724028(48)   psi R−1 lbmol−1

The gas constant (an aa kent as the molar, universal, or ideal gas constant, denotit bi the seembol R or R) is a pheesical constant which is featurt in mony fundamental equations in the pheesical sciences, such as the ideal gas law an the Nernst equation.

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