Frederick Sanger

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Frederick Sanger
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Born13 August 1918(1918-08-13)
Rendcomb, Gloucestershire, Ingland
Died19 November 2013(2013-11-19) (aged 95)
Cambridge, Ingland
Alma materVarsity o Cambridge
Kent forAmino acid sequence o insulin, dideoxy method o sequencin DNA
AwairdsNobel Prize in Chemistry (1958)
Copley Medal (1977)
Nobel Prize in Chemistry (1980)
Scientific career
InstitutionsVarsity o Cambridge
Laboratory o Molecular Biology
Doctoral advisorAlbert Neuberger
Doctoral studentsRodney Robert Porter
Liz Blackburn

Frederick Sanger, OM, CH, CBE, FRS, FAA ər/ (13 August 1918 – 19 November 2013) wis a Breetish biochemist who wan the Nobel Prize for Chemistry twace, the anly person tae hae duin sae. In 1958 he wis awairdit a Nobel Prize in chemistry "for his wirk on the structur o proteins, especially that o insulin". In 1980, Walter Gilbert an Sanger shared hauf o the chemistry prize "for thair contributions concernin the determination o base sequences in nucleic acids". The ither hauf wis awairdit tae Paul Berg "for his fundamental studies o the biochemistry o nucleic acids, wi particular regaird tae recombinant DNA". Sanger wis the fowerth person tae hae been awairdit twa Nobel Prizes, aither individually or in tandem wi ithers.

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