El Rosario, Sinaloa

El Rosario
Kirk o Oor Lady o the Rosar
Kirk o Oor Lady o the Rosar
Offeecial seal o El Rosario
El Rosario is locatit in Mexico
El Rosario
El Rosario
Location in Mexico
Coordinates: 22°45′00″N 105°22′16″W / 22°45′00″N 105°22′16″W / 22.75000; -105.37111
Kintra Mexico
Foondit in1655
 • Municipal presesÁngel Alfonso Silva Santiago
Population (2010)
 • Tot16,001
Time zoneMuntain Staundart Time (UTC-7)
 • Simmer (DST)Muntain Daylicht Time (UTC-6)
WabsteidOfficial website
Kirk o Oor Lady o the Rosar

El Rosario is a ceety an its surroondin municipality in the Mexican state o Sinaloa.

The ceety reportit 16,001 inhabitants in the 2010 census.


El Rosario, a smaw toun aboot 31 miles (50 km) sooth o Mazatlán, is famous for the altar in the toun kirk. The altar alane maks a visit tae El Rosario somewha wirth the drive. El Rosario wis ance the richest toun in Soothwast Mexico acause o the local minin operations. This smaw toun wis the hame o the famous Mexican sangster, Lola Beltrán. They hae built a smaw museum in her honor awtho the museum is open anerlie sporadically.

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