Coat o airms o Bolivie

Coat of arms of Bolivia.svg

The Coat o Airms o Bolivie haes a central cartouche surroondit bi Bolivian banners, muskets, laurel branches, an haes an Andean condor on tap.

The central cartouche haes a border wi ten starns in the bottom, which seembolise the nine Departamentos an the umwhile province Litoral that wis taken ower bi Chile in 1879, an the name o Bolivie in the tap section. Athin the border the siller muntain Potosí — recognised bi a mine entrance — is depictit, wi a sun risin abuin it, an wi an alpaca staundin next tae a tree an some wheat. The alpaca staunds on a plain that contrasts wi the muntain. The muntain an its contrast wi the plains are indicative o the geography o Bolivie. The alpaca is the naitional ainimal, an the items next tae it are seembolic o the resoorces o the naition.

Aroond the shield thare are three Bolivian banners on each side. Behind these are twa pairs o crossed rifles that seembolise the struggle for unthrildom. Next tae the muskets thare are an axe an a reid Phrygian huid, which is the seembol o leeberty an freedom. The laurel branches are seembolic o peace, an the condor perched upon the shield is seembolic o a willingness tae defend the naition an its leeberty.

In some depictions o these coat o airms, the twa pairs o muskets are replaced bi twa cannons. Ither depictions an aa hae mair realistic seembols in the shield.

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