Club Atlético River Plate

River Plate
Full nameClub Atlético River Plate
Nickname(s)Los Millonarios (The Millionaires)
La Banda (The Strip)
El Campeón del Siglo XX (The Champion o the 20t Century) [1]
Foondit25 Mey 1901; 118 years ago (1901-05-25)
GroundEstadio Monumental Antonio Vespucio Liberti,
Belgrano, Buenos Aires
Ground Capacity66.266[2]
PresidentRodolfo D'Onofrio
ManagerMarcelo Gallardo
LeaguePrimera División
2014 Final1st (Champions)
WabsteidClub wabsteid
Awey colours
Current saison

Club Atlético River Plate is a profeesional Argentine sports club based in the Nuñez neebourheid o Buenos Aires. Awtho mony sports are practisit at the club, River is best kent for its profeesional fitbaw team, which haes wan mony o the maist important tournaments in the warld, includin Copa Libertadores, an Intercontinental Cup.

River is the maist successful fitbaw team o Argentinae, haein wan the Primera División profeesional title a record 36 times.[3][4][5][6] Ither domestic competitions wan bi River Plate wur defuncts trophies Copa Dr. Carlos Ibarguren (fower times)[7] an Copa Adrián C. Escobar (ance).[8]

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