Banner o Burkina Faso

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The banner o Burkina Faso is formed bi twa equal horizontal baunds o reid (top) an green, wi a yellae five-pointit starn restin in the center. The banner wis adoptit on 4 August 1984. The colours are the popular Pan-African colours o the Ethiopie, reflectin baith a break wi the kintra’s colonial past an its unity wi ither African ex-colonies. The reid is an aa said tae seembolise the revolution an the green the abundance o agricultural an naitural riches. The yellae starn placed ower the reid an green stripes is the guidin licht o the revolution. The banner wis adoptit follaein the coup o 1983 which brought Thomas Sankara tae pouer. [1]

National coat o airms

The current coat o airms o Burkina Faso featur a shield wi the naitional banner colors, wi a scroll bearin the name "BURKINA FASO" accompanied bi twa stallions on each side, wi an open beuk at the bottom. A lawer banner bears the naitional motto in French: "Unity - Progress - Juistice".

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