A sunflower.jpg
Sunflouer, Helianthus annuus
Scienteefic clessification e
  • Alseuosmiaceae
  • Argophyllaceae
  • Asteraceae - Daisies
  • Calyceraceae
  • Campanulaceae (incl. Lobeliaceae) - Bellflouers
  • Goodeniaceae (incl. Brunoniaceae)
  • Menyanthaceae
  • Pentaphragmaceae
  • Phellinaceae
  • Rousseaceae (incl. Carpodetaceae)
  • Stylidiaceae (also Donatiaceae)

Asterales (AST-er-ALE'-eez)[1] is an order o dicotyledonous flouerin plants that includes the lairge faimily Asteraceae (or Compositae) kent for composite flouers made o florets, an ten faimilies relatit tae the Asteraceae.[2]

The order is a cosmopolite (plants foond throughoot maist o the warld includin desert an frigid zones), an includes maistly herbaceous species, altho a smaa number o trees (such as the giant Lobelia an the giant Senecio) an shrubs are an aa present.

Asterales are organisms that seem tae hae evolved frae ane common auncestor. Asterales share characteristics on morphological an biochemical levels. Synapomorphies (a character that is shared bi twa or mair groups through evolutionary development) include the presence in the plants o oligosaccharide inulin, a nutrient storage molecule uised instead o starch; an unique stamen morphology. The stamens are usually foond aroond the style, either aggregatit densely or fused intae a tube, probably an adaptation in association wi the plunger (brush; or secondary) pollination that is common amang the faimilies o the order, whaurin pollen is collecit an stored on the length o the pistil.

  • references


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