Arad, Israel

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 • ISO 259ʕarad
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Arad is locatit in Israel
Coordinates: 31°15′21.44″N 35°12′47.36″E / 31°15′21.44″N 35°12′47.36″E / 31.2559556; 35.2131556
Foondit21 November 1962
 • TeepCeety (frae 1995)
 • MayorNisan Ben Hemo
 • Total93.14 km2 (35.96 sq mi)
Population (2015)[1]
 • Tot24,436
Name meaninNamed efter Tel Arad

Arad (Ebreu: עֲרָדAbout this sound (audio) ; Arabic: عِرَادَ‎) is a city in the Soothren Destrict o Israel. It is locatit on the border o the Negev an Judean Deserts, 25 kilometers (15.5 mi) wast o the Deid Sea an 45 kilometers (28.0 mi) east o the ceety Beersheba. The ceety is hame tae a diverse population o 24,436 includin Ashkenazi an Sephardi Jews, baith secular an releegious, Bedouins an Black Ebreus, as well as native-born Israelis an new immigrants. The ceety is notable for its clean, dry air an serves as a major attraction tae asthmatics warldwide.[2][3]

Although attempts tae settle the aurie wur made as early as 1921, the ceety wis foondit anerlie in November 1962 as ane o the last twa development touns tae be established, an the first planned ceety in Israel. Arad's population grew significantly wi the Aliyah frae the Commonwalth o Independent States in the 1990s, an peaked in 2002 at 24,500 residents. The ceety haes seen a decline in population iver syne.

As the seicont-lairgest ceety in Israel in terms o jurisdiction, Arad contains a number o lairge public places an facilities, such as the ruins o Tel Arad, the Arad Park, an airfield servin domestic flichts, an Israel's first legal race circuit. It is also well kent for its annual muisic festival, which wis ane o the maist popular annual muisic events in the kintra till 1995.

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