2008 Simmer Olympics

The 2008 Simmer Olympic Gemmes, offeecially kent as the Gemmes o the XXIX Olympiad, wis a major internaitional multi-sport event that teuk place in Beijing, Cheenae, frae August 8 tae 24, 2008.[a] A tot o 10,942 athletes frae 204 Naitional Olympic Committees (NOCs) competit in 28 sports an 302 events (a tot o ane event mair nor the schedule o the 2004 Gemmes). Cheenae became the 22nt naition tae host the Olympic Gemmes an the 18t tae hauld a Simmer Olympic Gemmes. It wis the third time that the Simmer Olympic Gemmes war held in Asie, efter Tokyo, Japan, in 1964 an Seoul, Sooth Korea, in 1988. The equestrian events war held in Hong Kong, makin it the third time the events o the same olympics war held unner the jurisdiction o twa different NOCs[b], while sailin wis contestit in Qingdao, an fitbaa events teuk place in several different ceeties.

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