1906 Intercalatit Gemmes

1906 Intercalatit Gemmes
1906 Intercalated Games logo.jpeg
Host ceetyAthens, Greece
Naitions pairteecipatin20
Athletes pairteecipatin854
(848 men, 6 weemen)[1]
Events78 in 13 sports
Appenin ceremonyAprile 22
Closin ceremonyMey 2
Offeecially appened biGeorge I o Greece
StadiumPanathinaiko Stadium

The 1906 Intercalatit Gemmes or 1906 Olympic Gemmes wis an internaitional multi-sport event which wis celebratit in Athens, Greece. Thay war at the time considert tae be Olympic Gemmes an war referred tae as the "Seicont Internaitional Olympic Gemmes in Athens" bi the Internaitional Olympic Committee.[2] Whilst medals war distributit tae the participants during thir gemmes, the medals are nae offeecially recognised bi the IOC the day[3] an are nae displayed wi the collection o Olympic medals at the Olympic Museum in Lausanne, Swisserland.

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