विल्मिंगटन, डेलावेर

City of Wilmington
none Downtown Wilmington and the Christina River
Downtown Wilmington and the Christina River
[[Image: ‎ |120px|alt=]]
Name origin: named after Spencer Compton, Earl of Wilmington
Motto: A Place to Be Somebody
Nickname: Corporate Capital of the World
Chemical Capital of the World
CountryUnited States
CountyNew Castle
Elevation९२ ft (२८ m)
Coordinates39°44′45″N 75°32′48″W / 39°44′45″N 75°32′48″W / 39.74583; -75.54667
Area१७.० sq mi (४४ km²)
 - land१०.९ sq mi (२८ km²)
 - water६.२ sq mi (१६ km²), 36.47%
Population७०,८५१ (2010)
 - metro५,८२६,७४२ (५th)
Density६,५००.१ / sq mi (२,५०९.७ / km2)
FoundedMarch 1638
 - Incorporated1731
 - Borough Charter1739
 - City Charter7 March 1832
MayorJames M. Baker (D)
TimezoneEST (UTC-5)
 - summer (DST)EDT (UTC-4)
ZIP Codes19801-19810, 19850, 19880, 19884-19887, 19889-19899
Area code302
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Location of Wilmington in Delaware
Location of Delaware in the United States
Website: www.ci.wilmington.de.us

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