Young Bosnia

Young Bosnia
Mlada Bosna
Young Bosnia members.jpg
Some of the members
Extinctionafter 28 June 1914
Typerevolutionary organization
Purposecreation of Yugoslavia through unification of Bosnia and Herzegovina with Serbia
Key people
Gavrilo Princip
AffiliationsNarodna Odbrana and Black Hand

Young Bosnia (Serbo-Croatian: Mlada Bosna/Млада Босна) was a revolutionary movement active in the Condominium of Bosnia and Herzegovina before World War I. The members were predominantly school students, primarily Bosnian Serbs (including Serb Muslims), but also Bosnian Muslims and Bosnian Croats. There were two key ideologies promoted amongst the members of the group, the Yugoslavist (unification into a Yugoslavia), and the Pan-Serb (unification into Serbia). Young Bosnia was inspired from a variety of ideas, movements, and events; such as German romanticism, anarchism, Russian revolutionary socialism, Fyodor Dostoyevsky, Friedrich Nietzsche, and the Battle of Kosovo.


The rise to power of the popular Karađorđević dynasty in Serbia in the 1900s after the May Overthrow of the Obrenović dynasty by the Serbian Army in 1903, stimulated support by both Serbs and South Slavs for their unification into a state led by Belgrade.[1] Support for revolutionary Yugoslavism in Bosnia grew with the rise of the Serbo-Croatian Progressive Organization in 1911, and drew in support for the cause from Serbs as well as Croats and some Muslims.[2] Muslim members of the movement included Avdo Sumbul and Behdžet Mutevelić[3]

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