X Games Austin 2015

X Games Austin 2015 was an action sporting event that took place June 4–7, 2015, at the Circuit of the Americas in Austin, Texas.[1]

This Summer X Games is the second in a row to be held in Austin and the third full X Games event to be held in the state of Texas; in 2003, a special "Global Championships" event was held in San Antonio, Texas.

The 2015 X Games are once again broadcast on ESPN and ABC. The event debuted three new events; Moto X Flat Track, Moto X Quarter Pipe and Big Air Doubles. This year, X Games Austin attracted 160,000 spectators over four days, making it the most attended X Games since 2004.[2]


Flat Track

Event Gold Silver Bronze
X Games Harley-Davidson Flat-Track Racing[3]  Bryan Smith (USA) 8:20.168  Sammy Halbert (USA) 8:20.638  Brad Baker (USA) 8:25.406

Moto X

Event Gold Silver Bronze
Men's Moto X Enduro[4]  Mike Brown (USA) 10:09.005  Taylor Robert (USA) 10:15.504  Cody Webb (USA) 10:20.446
Women's Moto X Enduro[5]  Laia Sanz (ESP) 6:37.266  Tarah Gieger (PUR) 6:44.471  Kacy Martinez (USA) 6:58.442
Moto X Best Whip[6]   Jarryd McNeil (AUS) 59.00   Tom Parsons (USA) 10.00  Todd Potter (USA) 10.00
Moto X Step Up[7]  Ronnie Renner (USA) 34.00  Massimo Bianconcini (ITA)
 Libor Podmol (CZE)
 Bryce Hudson (USA)
Men's Moto X Speed & Style[8]  Nate Adams (USA) 85.50  Blake Williams (AUS) 55.84   Mike Mason (USA) 85.25
Toyota Moto X Quarter Pipe[9]  Thomas Pages (FRA) 95.33  Levi Sherwood (NZL) 93.00  Josh Sheehan (AUS) 87.33


Event Gold Silver Bronze
Skateboard Vert[10]  Pierre-Luc Gagnon (CAN) 92.33  Paul-Luc Ronchetti (GBR) 86.00  Sam Beckett (GBR) 82.33
Skateboard Big Air[11]  Bob Burnquist (BRA) 93.33  Elliot Sloan (USA) 92.00  Tom Schaar (USA) 87.66
Skateboard Park[12]  Curren Caples (USA) 86.00  Pedro Barros (BRA) 84.66  Ronnie Sandoval (USA) 82.00
Women's Skateboard Street[13]  Alexis Sablone (USA) 92.00  Pamela Rosa (BRA) 86.00  Vanessa Torres (USA) 78.00
Monster Energy Men's Skateboard Street[14]  Nyjah Huston (USA) 94.00  Chaz Ortiz (USA) 83.00  Ryan Sheckler (USA) 82.00
Skateboard Street Amateurs[15]  Tyson Bowerbank (USA) 88.00  Alex Midler (USA) 86.00  Dustin Blauvelt (USA) 83.66
Skateboard/BMX Big Air Doubles[16]  Morgan Wade (USA)
 Bob Burnquist (BRA)
90.00  Steve McCann (AUS)
 Elliot Sloan (USA)
80.00  Zack Warden (USA)
 Tom Schaar (USA)


Event Gold Silver Bronze
BMX Vert[17]  Vince Byron (AUS) 92.00  Jamie Bestwick (GBR) 91.00  Simon Tabron (GBR) 89.66
BMX Park[18]  Daniel Sandoval (USA) 92.66  Dennis Enarson (USA) 92.00  Scotty Cranmer (USA) 89.66
BMX Dirt[19]  Kyle Baldock (AUS) 90.00   Mike Clark (USA) 89.00   Chris Doyle (USA) 89.00
Go Pro BMX Big Air[20]  Colton Satterfield (USA) 90.33  Morgan Wade (USA) 89.66  Mykel Larrin (USA) 88.00
Skateboard/BMX Big Air Double[16]  Morgan Wade (USA)
 Bob Burnquist (BRA)
90.00  Steve McCann (AUS)
 Elliot Sloan (USA)
80.00  Zack Warden (USA)
 Tom Schaar (USA)

Rallycross & Off-Road Truck

Event Gold Silver Bronze
Off-Road Truck Racing[21]  Sheldon Creed (USA) 8:11.923  Robby Gordon (USA) 8:15.141  Arie Luyendyk Jr. (USA) 7:57.705
Rallycross[22]  Scott Speed (USA) 6:20.843  Steve Arpin (CAN) 6:21.810  Sebastian Eriksson (SWE) 6:29.099

Medal table

1 United States13121540
2 Australia3216
3 Brazil2204
4 Canada1102
5 France1001
7 Great Britain0224
8 Czech Republic0101
 New Zealand0101
 Puerto Rico0101
12 Sweden0011
Totals (12 nations)21231963
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