Wipeout 3

Wipeout 3
PAL region box art
  • NA: Psygnosis
Designer(s)Psygnosis, The Designers Republic
ReleaseWipeout 3
  • EU: 8 September 1999
  • JP: 3 February 2000
Special Edition
Mode(s)Single-player, multiplayer

Wipeout 3[a] is a futuristic racing video game developed by Psygnosis and published by Sony Computer Entertainment exclusively for the PlayStation. The title is the fourth game in the Wipeout series, and was released in Europe and North America in September 1999. Players control extremely fast anti-gravity ships and use weapons to force other contenders out of the race.

Psygnosis hired design studio The Designers Republic to create a simple colour scheme and design for in-game menus and race courses, to create what a Psygnosis staff member called "a believable future".[3] The game is one of the few PlayStation titles to run in high-resolution mode, offering crisper graphics and visuals. Wipeout 3's soundtrack is composed of electronica tracks selected by DJ Sasha and features contributions by Orbital and The Chemical Brothers. The game was re-released in Europe as Wipeout 3: Special Edition in August 2000, which contained additional tracks and content.

The game was positively received on release; critics lauded the graphics, music, and minimalist design elements. The high level of difficulty, perceived lack of new content and courses, and paucity of new game features were seen as the game's primary faults. Despite generally good press, the game was a financial disappointment. Wipeout 3 was the last title in the series to appear on the PlayStation and the next entry, Wipeout Fusion, was released exclusively for the PlayStation 2 platform in 2002.


Screenshot of Wipeout 3, showing the player's head-up display and racing craft

Wipeout 3 is a racing game that retains the same basic elements of its predecessors, and introduces players to the F7200 Anti-Gravity Race League. Set in 2116, Players control futuristic anti-gravity ships owned by racing corporations and pilot them on eight circuits (plus four hidden prototype tracks). Each craft is equipped with an energy shield that absorbs damage sustained on the track; if the shield is disabled, the player's craft can be knocked out of the race. Shields are regenerated in a pit lane that is set apart from the main course. The less time is spent in the pit lane, the less the shield will regenerate.[4]

In addition to shields, each racing craft contains airbrakes for navigating tight corners, as well as a "Hyperthrust" option. Players can activate Hyperthrust to increase their speed, but using Hyperthrust drains energy from the shields, making the craft more vulnerable.[5]

Scattered across each raceway are weapon grids that bestow random power-ups or items. Wipeout 3 adds new weapons in addition to the five retained from previous games.[6] Several weapons are defensive; for example, the gravity shield protects the craft from attacks and collisions for a time period. Offensive weapons are also available; crafts can use rockets, Multi-Missiles and mines to disable competitors. Players can use an autopilot to safely coast through difficult turns.[5]

The single race mode awards medals to the top three finishing hovercraft. Each contestant must reach checkpoints on the course within a remaining time, or be ejected from the race. Winning consecutive gold medals unlocks new tracks and crafts.[4] Wipeout 3 features several other game modes, including challenges to complete courses in a set time.[5] In the "Eliminator" mode, players gain points for destroying competitors and finishing laps. The "Tournament" mode has players compete on several tracks, with points being awarded on race placement.[7] Players can engage in two-player racing via a split-screen option.[8]

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