Willard Boyle

Willard S. Boyle
Nobel Prize 2009-Press Conference KVA-23.jpg
Boyle in 2009
Born(1924-08-19)August 19, 1924
DiedMay 7, 2011(2011-05-07) (aged 86)
CitizenshipCanada and United States[2]
Alma materMcGill University
Lower Canada College
Known forCharge-coupled device[3]
AwardsStuart Ballantine Medal (1973)
IEEE Morris N. Liebmann Memorial Award (1974)
Draper Prize (2006)
Nobel Prize in Physics (2009)
Scientific career
FieldsApplied physics
InstitutionsBell Labs

Willard Sterling Boyle, CC (August 19, 1924 – May 7, 2011) was a Canadian physicist,[4] pioneer in the field of laser technology and co-inventor of the charge-coupled device.[5] On October 6, 2009, it was announced that he would share the 2009 Nobel Prize in Physics for "the invention of an imaging semiconductor circuit—the CCD sensor, which has become an electronic eye in almost all areas of photography".[2]


Born in Amherst, Nova Scotia, on August 19, 1924, Boyle was the son of a medical doctor and moved to Quebec with his father and mother Bernice when he was less than two.[6] He was home schooled by his mother until age fourteen, when he attended Montreal's Lower Canada College to complete his secondary education.[6] Boyle attended McGill University, but his education was interrupted in 1943, when he joined the Royal Canadian Navy during World War II.[6] He was loaned to the Royal Navy, where he was learning how to land Spitfires on aircraft carriers as the war ended.[6] He gained a BSc in 1947, an MSc in 1948, and a PhD degree in 1950, all from McGill University.[7]

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