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This WikiProject primarily aims to standardise pages about peerages and baronetcies in the United Kingdom and Ireland (including the former states of England, Scotland, and Great Britain), and their holders.


Pages on peerages

A page about a particular title (such as Duke of Norfolk or Earl of Derby) may include the following information:

  • The history of the title and associated titles
  • The remainder (i.e., the rule for inheritance of the title)
  • A list of the holders of the titles and of the associated titles.

Titles should only share articles when one is totally connected to the other: no one has ever been Marquess of Tavistock without being Duke of Bedford, for instance, so information on the former title should be in the latter's article, but there should be separate articles on, for instance, Earl of Arundel and Duke of Norfolk, Earl of Cardigan and Marquess of Ailesbury, Earl of Bedford and Duke of Bedford. If titles share an article, the article should be at the highest title, except when the lesser title is the one currently extant: Duke of Bolton, for instance, should redirect to Marquess of Winchester, since the latter is extant.

The history should note the creation or creations of the titles in question, and should also indicate if the circumstances under which any peerage of a previous creation ended: forfeiture, extinction, etc. The article should note the subsidiary titles, and any courtesy titles used.

The list could be formatted as follows, with Earl of Anyplace a title associated with Duke of Somewhere, the article being at "Duke of Somewhere":

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